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All Seasons Fruit Club – 9 month

9 Month All Seasons Fruit Club



The Perfect Fruit Gift… Our All Seasons Fruit Club delivers the season’s best fresh-picked fruit to your friends, relatives or business associates every month. Easy to send, delicious to receive and guaranteed to win you rave reviews.

Here’s What You Get… Your gift recipients will receive an attractive membership certificate announcing your gift. Their first shipment of grove-fresh fruit will arrive the month of your choice. Each month they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness with another delightful shipment from Hale Groves.

Easy to Send…With plans that range from three months to a full year, we have the perfect gift to suit all your recipients.


  • December – Grove Navel Oranges
  • January – Grove Honeybells
  • February – Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • March – Honey Sweet Tangerines
  • April – Heritage Navels
  • May – Valencia Oranges
  • June – Peaches
  • July – Bing Cherries
  • August – Florida Mangos
  • September – Bartlett Pears
  • October – Orchard Apples
  • November – Comice Pears

from Diamond T Design http://ift.tt/2ggKTT0

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