Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit

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Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit
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Discription:  Brewing Kombucha is easy with our Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit! ?This fermented tea drink is deliciously refreshing and packed with antioxidants and probiotics to keep your immune system in check. This kit comes with everything you need to make 3 gallons of homemade Kombucha, including a Kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) that you can use multiple times for multiple brews (when cared for properly)!?Kit IncludesTeas (Black, Jasmine and Rooibos Blend)Rose HipsHibiscus FlowersOrganic unbleached cane sugarKombucha SCOBY (kombucha starter culture)1 gallon brewing jar with lid6 PET-free bottles6 customizable labelspH test stripsFunnelPipetteNon-latex glovesCheeseclothInstructionsMade in Portland, Oregon by Grow and Make
Price:   $44.95
Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit